Prelims 236

Match the following pairs:
Date of Congress Session Important Happenings
I. Surat session of 1907             1. Formation of Swarajaya party
J. Gaya session of 1922             2. Split in the Congress
K. Lahore session of 1929         3. Decision to launch the Civil Disobedience Movement
Select the correct answer using the code given below:
I-1, J-2, K-3
I-2, J-1, K-3
I-3, J-1, K-2
I-1, J-3, K-2
Explanation :
Surat session, 1907 – split in the Congress.
Gaya session of 1922 – Formation of Swarajaya party.
Lahore session of 1929- Decision to launch the civil Disobedience movement.

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