Download Everything at one Click

Vajiram Mains 2018

Mains Question and Answers

Comprehensive Test Model Answers (9-10-11)

Vajiram Mains Test Model Answers (1-8)

Vajiram and Ravi Prelims 

Vajiram Prelims, CSAT, Mains Question Papers

Imporant Handwritten Notes

Polity by Ravindran Sir

Biotechnology and Scitech by Bindu Madam

Class Handouts of Vajiram and Ravi

Ethics by Bijender Sir

Polity by Abhilash Sir

Public Policy and Governance

World History by Ojha Sir

Mapping Handout+ Mangroove by Amit Garg

Geography and Ecology Handout by Vaishali Anand

PIB Environment Handout 2017-March 2018 

Handout on IR and Security

Geography and Environment by Manocha Sir

Social Issues by Rajkumar Sir

Economy Handouts

Vajiram and Ravi Varied Material

The Hindu Edirorial Analysis

2017 Aug-Jan 2018

Indian Express Editorial Analysis

July 2018 

August 2018


2017 to June 2018

Current Affairs

August 2018

2017 to April 2018

Yojana Summary by Vajiram and Ravi

July 2018


June2017 to May 2018

Kurukshetra Summary by Vajiram and Ravi

August 2018

2017 to 2018

Compilations by Vajiram and Ravi

Art and Culture from 2017 to 2018

Shubhra Ranjan Handouts

John rawls and Hannah Arendt

Toppers Answer Sheet

AIR-6 Dinesh K 


Social and Political Thoughts

Shubhra Ranjan Mains Test Series with Video Explaination

Test 17




Test-12 and 13











Test- 1

Must Download

Toppers Close to 40 Essays

Toppers Ethics 50 Papers 

Toppers GS papers

Toppers Notes

Rav Praveen Singh – Art and Culture

Sriram’s IAS Download

What to read for GS-I History and Geography

IR 92 Slides – Very Crisp

GS-I – World, Modern, Post Independence Handout

4 handouts Sriram’s Material

5 Handouts on GS-III

Sriram’s Current Affairs 2017

Sriram’s IAS Mains Test Series 2017

Misl and Imporatant

Major Crops Handout

Vajiram and Ravi Mains Test Series Discussion

Test-5 World History Discussion

Test-2 Discussion Video (4 hours complete insight)

Test-1 Discussion Video (4 hours Complete Insight)


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