The Table that defines chemistry turns 150

Headline : The Table that defines chemistry turns 150 Details : The News 2019 is celebrated as ‘The International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements’ as the Period Table of Elements has turned 150 years in 2019. Periodic Table of Elements: A backgrounder The ‘Periodic Table of Elements’ was written by Dmitri Ivanovich MendeleevContinue reading “The Table that defines chemistry turns 150”

The forms of federalism in India

Headline : The forms of federalism in India Details : Why in News? The Union government has withdrawn the special status conferred on Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) under Article 370 of the Constitution. It has also divided the State into two regions and declared them as Union Territories.   The debate concerning with federalism: Nations areContinue reading “The forms of federalism in India”

Vultures in India:

Vultures in India: Endangered: Experts said that breeding and conservation of vultures has become very important as the bird species are now endangered. Almost 95% of vultures in India have disappeared. They were said to have perished after consuming carcasses of cattle, which were tainted with Diclofenac, a pain-killer drug. Vulture breeding: The NBP isContinue reading “Vultures in India:”

Inland Waterways in India

Inland Waterways in India: A Background Inland Waterways Transport is the transportation of cargo over rivers, backwaters, canals and creeks.   Advantages of IWT IWT is the most inexpensive mode of transportation. According to RITES Report of 2014 on “Integrated National Waterways Transportation Grid (INWTG)” the cost comparison is as below: Mode Total Rs /Continue reading “Inland Waterways in India”

Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska):

Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska): Physical features: It is a 60 cm long turtle, recognized by 4 claws in front feet where as other turtles have 5. Habitat: The terrapin is found in tidal areas of large rivers, sandbars and riverbanks. Status: Presumed to be extinct in several Southeast Asian countries. Described as the world’sContinue reading “Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska):”

What is the Ramsar concept of “wise use” of wetlands? What is the significance of Ramsar Convention in wetland conservation? (15 marks)

What is the Ramsar concept of “wise use” of wetlands? What is the significance of Ramsar Convention in wetland conservation? (15 marks) Approach: Introduce with wetlands Explain ‘wise use’ concept – ecological character, ecosystem approach and sustainable development Explain significance of Ramsar Convention for wetland conservation Conclude appropriately Model Answer : Wetlands are transitional zonesContinue reading “What is the Ramsar concept of “wise use” of wetlands? What is the significance of Ramsar Convention in wetland conservation? (15 marks)”

Assam announces two-child limit for jobs in govt

Headline : Assam announces two-child limit for jobs in govt Details : In News In a revolutionary move, the Assam Cabinet has approved Two Child norms and Prohibition of Child Marriage Act norms for entry and continuation in government service. The move comes two months after Prime Minister flagged the issue of “population explosion” in his Independence Day speech. TheContinue reading “Assam announces two-child limit for jobs in govt”

World’s northernmost coral reef bleached

Headline : World’s northernmost coral reef bleached Details : Bleaching in Japanese waters: Researchers found that bleaching has damaged the world’s northernmost coral reef off the coast of Tsushima island in Japan. This lies in the temperate zone, near the Kyushu islands. Earlier, there was large-scale coral bleaching in Japan’s subtropical Okinawa chain of islands last summer. InContinue reading “World’s northernmost coral reef bleached”