About Autonomous Vehicles

About Autonomous Vehicles Autonomous vehicles are mostly light motor vehicles like cars with highest level of automation. They can drive without a human driver and thus called self-driving cars.   Basic architecture of Autonomous vehicles: Sense-plan-act architecture Sense Sensors In order to sense the environment, they use a network of sensors including cameras, radars, infrared, Lidar … Continue reading About Autonomous Vehicles

In focus: Moonquakes

In focus: Moonquakes Moon is a one-plate world unlike a number of plates (major and minor) on earth. Further since moon also has no atmosphere, it was believed to be a dead world geologically.     Origin of Moonquakes The moon’s upper mantle is much more rigid and less fluid than the interior of the … Continue reading In focus: Moonquakes

Historical period 

Prehistoric period  It is known as the period before history i.e. it is the time period before the emergence of writing. The prehistoric period is divided into three ages: Stone age Bronze age Iron age   In India, the prehistoric period is divided into: Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) Neolithic (New Stone … Continue reading Historical period 

In focus: Blockchain technology

In focus: Blockchain technology Definition In simple words, blockchain is an information sharing platform where multiple authorities cooperate, coordinate and collaborate in a decision making process. Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed database on a peer-peer network which works on the basis of a consensus mechanism involving every node (computer) on the network. Understanding blockchain … Continue reading In focus: Blockchain technology

In focus: EMISAT

In focus: EMISAT EMISAT is an electronic intelligence satellite developed by ISRO and DRDO. The 435-kg EMISAT was developed under project KAUTILYA of Defence Electronics Research Laboratory of DRDO. It is basically designed to intercept signals from enemy radars in order to develop effective jamming techniques to counter the enemy radar. Satellite-based electronic intelligence will … Continue reading In focus: EMISAT

What role did Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel play in the Dandi march of 1930?

Headline : What role did Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel play in the Dandi march of 1930? Details : Context of the topic: On the occasion of the 89th anniversary of the Dandi March, tributes have also been paid to the contributions made by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to the movement.     About Dandi March Dandi March or … Continue reading What role did Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel play in the Dandi march of 1930?

In Brief: Features of the moon

In Brief: Features of the moon The distinctive features of moon when observed from a telescope or even naked eye are: Impact craters Lunar craters, large and small, are the result of the bombardment of meteorites on the lunar surface. That is why they are called impact craters Light-coloured highlands Most of the lunar surface constitutes light-coloured … Continue reading In Brief: Features of the moon

About: Mauritius Oil Spill

About: Mauritius Oil Spill CauseIn July, a Japanese ship ran aground and got stuck on a coral reef off Maurtius coast.The ship was carrying about 3,800 tons of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil and 200 tons of diesel oil. Most of the oil from the vessel has been pumped out.But, in August, the ship began … Continue reading About: Mauritius Oil Spill

In Focus: Israel and the Gulf Region

In Focus: Israel and the Gulf Region It’s a landmark agreement given that the UAE is only the third Arab country and the first in the Gulf region to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.With the exception of Jordan and Egypt, Israel does not have diplomatic relations with Gulf Arab states owing to its long-standing conflict with … Continue reading In Focus: Israel and the Gulf Region

In brief: In-vitro fertilization and frozen embryos

In brief: In-vitro fertilization and frozen embryos Basics In case of sexual reproduction, the beginning of development of an offspring is fertilization of male and female gametes into zygote (a fertilized egg or embryo). The zygote (embryo) is then implanted into the uterus where it develops into full-fledged organism in various stages. From the day … Continue reading In brief: In-vitro fertilization and frozen embryos

Why Primary Agriculture Credit Society needs to be propped up Editorial 14th Aug’20 HindustanTimes

Why Primary Agriculture Credit Society needs to be propped up Editorial 14th Aug'20 HindustanTimes Rural credit cooperatives: Just about two decades ago, credit cooperatives covered 69% of the rural credit outlets and their share in rural credit was 45% of the total rural credit in the country.They had a lion’s share of 57% in providing short-term … Continue reading Why Primary Agriculture Credit Society needs to be propped up Editorial 14th Aug’20 HindustanTimes

About Kambala

About Kambala Kambala is the traditional buffalo slush track race Buffalo Race held annually in coastal Karnataka. The Kambala season lasts from November to March. About 150 kambalas are held in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and neighbouring Kasaragod (Kerala) districts in the season between November and March. This area is called Tulunadu (Land of Tulu Language). … Continue reading About Kambala

Background: ASAT Test

Background: ASAT Test On March 27, India became the 4th country after US, China, Russia, to test the Anti-Satellite missile capability under Mission Shakti. The ASAT test demonstrated India’s capability to destroy a satellite in the low earth orbit using a missile.   India’s position on weaponisation of outer space Principle India in principle opposes the … Continue reading Background: ASAT Test

What are Mutual Funds? What is the Total Expense Ratio (TER)?

What are Mutual Funds? A mutual fund is an investment vehicle made up of a pool of money collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other assets. Mutual funds are operated by professional money managers, who allocate the fund's investments and attempt to … Continue reading What are Mutual Funds? What is the Total Expense Ratio (TER)?

What is PETN?

What is PETN? It is a highly explosive organic compound belonging to the chemical family same as of nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose.   Origin of PETN PETN was first prepared and patented in 1894 by the explosives manufacturer Rheinisch-Westfalische Sprengstoff in Germany. It was introduced as a commercial explosive after World War I.   How does … Continue reading What is PETN?

In Focus: Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization

In Focus: Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization The Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanisation (SMAM) was introduced in April 2014 with an aim to have inclusive growth of farm mechanisation to boost productivity.The scheme is implemented in all the states, to promote the usage of farm mechanization and increase the ratio of farm power to cultivable unit area up … Continue reading In Focus: Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization

About Indus Water Treaty

About Indus Water Treaty It is the treaty between the Government of India and the Government of Pakistan with twin objectives-Water sharing of river Indus and its tributaries between the upper riparian India and lower riparian Pakistan.Optimum utilisation of the waters of the Indus system of rivers.It was signed under the arbitration of the International Bank … Continue reading About Indus Water Treaty

In focus: Clean Meat

In focus: Clean Meat Introduction Clean meat or synthetic meat or lab-grown meat is a term used for transgenic meat prepared ex-vivo in the laboratory. The stem cells taken out of the body of the animals are cultured in a petri dish giving rise to cell-based cultured meat. Advantages Equivalent Clean meat is equivalent to … Continue reading In focus: Clean Meat

About Girija Devi and Thumri

About Girija Devi She was an eminent Indian classical vocalist representing the Benaras gharana. She was proficient singer of different genres of Hindustani vocal music like Khyal, Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti and Kajari. She is known as the 'Queen of Thumri'.   Awards She was a genius in her sphere of Indian classical vocal rendition. She … Continue reading About Girija Devi and Thumri

In brief: Meteorites

In brief: Meteorites Introduction Meteoroids are chunks of rocks in space just like asteroids. (only difference is size) When these meteoroids strikes the earth’s atmosphere, they appear are flash of light called meteor. In its travel to earth it the meteor survives it is called as meteorite. Thus meteorites are inter-planetary rocks that have been … Continue reading In brief: Meteorites

Why Soyabean is key to MP

Headline : Why Soyabean is key to MP Details : The Topic Significance of Soyabean for Madhya Pradesh has been explained.   History of Soyabean in India Malwa is India’s Midwest US and Indore its Chicago and that’s only because of soyabean. Soyabean in India has an American connection. The leguminous oilseed was hardly grown in … Continue reading Why Soyabean is key to MP

In Focus: NASA’s Mars Mission with Perseverance rover

Part of NASA's Moon to Mars exploration approach: The Mars 2020 Perseverance mission is part of America's larger Moon to Mars exploration approach that includes missions to the Moon as a way to prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet.NASA is planning to send the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024.Thereafter, … Continue reading In Focus: NASA’s Mars Mission with Perseverance rover

In Focus: Smog @UpscExpress

In Focus: Smog Very simply, smogis a type of air pollution that reduces visibility.The term "smog" was first used in the early 1900s to describe a mix of smoke and fog, when smoke came from burning of fossil fuels like coal in thermal power plants. Sulphurous Smog It is also called “London smog”.It results from a high concentration of sulphur oxidesin the air … Continue reading In Focus: Smog @UpscExpress

When Indira banked on socialism

Headline : When Indira banked on socialism Details : In News It's now 50 years since the Indian government nationalized the 14 biggest commercial lenders on 20 July, 1969.   News Summary: The Indian financial sector underwent a massive shift 50 years ago, when the government nationalized the 14 biggest commercial lenders. The official history of … Continue reading When Indira banked on socialism