About Eurasian Otter

About Eurasian Otter IUCN status of Eurasian Otter is “near threatened”. The Eurasian otter is a semi-aquatic species living in a wide range of freshwater habitats and along coasts. The Eurasian otter has been recorded historically from the Western Ghats (Coorg in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiri and Palani hill ranges). However, this is the first photographic andContinue reading “About Eurasian Otter”

Air Pollution

Air Pollution The following are the major gaseous and particulate pollutants present: Gaseous air pollutants: Oxides of sulphur, nitrogen and carbon, hydrogen sulphide, hydrocarbons, ozone and other oxidants. Particulate pollutants: Dust, mist, fumes, smoke, smog etc. In India, thermal power plant account for 80% of all industrial emissions of particulate matter, sulphur and nitrous oxidesContinue reading “Air Pollution”

About SwachhSurvekshan

About SwachhSurvekshan SwachhSurvekshan is an annual ranking exercise taken up by the Government of India since 2016 to assess rural and urban areas for their levels of cleanliness and active implementation of Swachhata mission initiatives in a timely and innovative manner. The objective of the survey is to- Encourage large scale citizen participation and createContinue reading “About SwachhSurvekshan”

Stubble Burning: The issue

Stubble Burning: The issue As mentioned above the stated objective of the government in various policies is to route the crop residue for producing biofuels thereby reducing stubble burning. However, stubble burning still remains a major problem across the country. According to estimates, crop residue burnt in India range from 200 million tonnes to 240Continue reading “Stubble Burning: The issue”

About National Board for Wildlife

About National Board for Wildlife • In accordance with section 5 A added in the 2002 amendment to the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, the union government is empowered to constitute the National Board for Wildlife as a statutory body. • Headed by Prime Minister, NBWL is the highest decision making body on matters relating to wildlifepolicy in India. • Environment Protection Act and Wildlife Protection Act have provisionsContinue reading “About National Board for Wildlife”

About Black spotted turtle

About Black spotted turtle The black spotted turtle or spotted pond turtle is native to South Asia, and a heavily trafficked chelonian. It is classified as vulnerable by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List of threatened species. The medium-sized freshwater turtle has a black shell with yellow streaks. The species was once smuggledContinue reading “About Black spotted turtle”

Silent Valley National Park:

Silent Valley National Park: It is the last remaining rain forest of Kerala. Silent Valley was declared as National Park in 1984 and formally inaugurated in the year 1985. Initially there was only 89.52 sq.km. area under the Division which forms the core zone of the National Park. In 2007, an area of 148 sq.km. was addedContinue reading “Silent Valley National Park:”