Explained: Jammu and Kashmir state to two UTs — today, later

Headline : Explained: Jammu and Kashmir state to two UTs — today, later Details : In News The state of Jammu and Kashmir will be officially bifurcated into the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh on October 31. The day will mark the beginning of the functioning of the two UTs at a bureaucratic level. This marks anContinue reading “Explained: Jammu and Kashmir state to two UTs — today, later”

River water disputes: Disputes Resolution Committee (DRC), Inter State Water Dispute Act, 1956

Headline : One tribunal for all river water disputes: why the proposal, how it will work Details : In News: The Inter-State River Water Disputes (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has been passed by Lok Sabha. It seeks to streamline the adjudication of disputes relating to waters of inter-State rivers and river valleys. News Summary: The Bill clearedContinue reading “River water disputes: Disputes Resolution Committee (DRC), Inter State Water Dispute Act, 1956”

For Naya Kashmir Editorial 6th Aug’19 IndianExpress

Headline : For Naya Kashmir Editorial 6th Aug’19 IndianExpress Details : Telegram: https://t.me/UpscExpress Kashmiri leaders also sought progress: Naya Kashmir was a memorandum that Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah submitted to the King of erstwhile Kashmir kingdom Maharaja Hari Singh in 1944. It outlined a plan to convert J&K from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional democracy,Continue reading “For Naya Kashmir Editorial 6th Aug’19 IndianExpress”

Everything about About Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF)

Headline : US ends Cold War nuke treaty with aim of countering China Details : In News: The USA has withdrawn from the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) signed in 1987. About INF Treaty The missile crisis of 1970s and 80s represented the high-point of cold war, with both USA (and its NATO allies) on one side andContinue reading “Everything about About Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF)”

Open up the Supreme Court Editorial 9th Apr’19 TheHindu

Headline : Open up the Supreme Court Editorial 9th Apr’19 TheHindu  Details :  Delhi HC judgement said RTI applicable to higher judiciary: In 2009, the High Court of Delhi handed down a landmark judgment dealing with the Right to Information (RTI) Act. It held that the Office of the Chief Justice of India (CJI) was a “publicContinue reading “Open up the Supreme Court Editorial 9th Apr’19 TheHindu”

Steps to cement ties with China Editorial 10th Apr’19 IndianExpress

Headline : Steps to cement ties with China Editorial 10th Apr’19 IndianExpress  Details :  Focus must remain on foreign policy even in election season: Even as India heads into a general election, it is important to keep focus on and not lose track of how the country must shape its foreign policy over the coming fiveContinue reading “Steps to cement ties with China Editorial 10th Apr’19 IndianExpress”

Languages and civilisation Editorial 5th Apr’19 IndianExpress

Headline : Languages and civilisation Editorial 5th Apr’19 IndianExpress  Details :  Importance of language: Language is a tool for intellectual and emotional expression. Language is a vehicle for the transmission of culture, scientific knowledge and a worldview across generations. It is the vital, unseen thread that links the past with the present. The great Indian poet AcharyaContinue reading “Languages and civilisation Editorial 5th Apr’19 IndianExpress”

Every about Sino- India Border Dispute

China destroys maps showing ‘wrong’ border The news Chinese Customs officials have destroyed 30,000 world maps printed in the country for not mentioning Arunachal Pradesh and Taiwan as part of its territory. Background China claims the north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh as part of South Tibet and persistently objects to Indian leaders visiting ArunachalContinue reading “Every about Sino- India Border Dispute”

U.S. ends waiver for India on Iran oil

Headline : U.S. ends waiver for India on Iran oil Details : The News Recently, the United States has decided not to issue any additional Significant Reduction Exceptions (SREs) to existing importers of Iranian oil.   Background Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was signed between Iran and the P5, plus Germany and the EU inContinue reading “U.S. ends waiver for India on Iran oil”